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Forgiveness #2

You can’t live without forgiveness. It’s like the two prisoners of war that meet several years later; and one said to the other: “Have you for-given your captors yet?” “No, I never will.” “Well then, they still have you in prison don’t they?”

We all know how our body feels when we get angry. The reason is because we keep rethinking the same thought, and that re-stimulates that emotional circle; and we rerun the angry thought over and over, and thus we hook right back into that hostility.

People can stay angry for days, weeks and years just because they are choosing to rerun the angry thoughts over and over again.


  • From The Desert Sun, September 18, 2015

    Zach was a devout Jewish golden retriever who understood Hebrew, loved Shabbat and Hagim and had an addiction for challah.

    “He knew when it was Shabbat. He would see me getting ready and sit down and his tail would start wagging. What he wanted was the challah,” said Ron Werner, one of Zach’s parents.

    His full name was Zachariah Obediah Werner-Hering and he also loved to swim in the family pool, chase balls, go hiking and give his parents unconditional love.

    He was more than just a furry companion — he was a member of the family. That made it all the...

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